Use pictures of your dog to thank the DC Council!

Now you have an excuse for posting even more photos of your dog on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook—it's a great way to thank the Council.


Here's what to do:


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Pick up or Make Your Own Sign

Make a "thank you" sign at home or go to the park and choose from one of the signs hanging on the fence.

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Take a Photo of Your Dog

This could be the hard part. Try to get your dog to wear the sign and look at the camera. Some of you might end up with photos of your dog next to to the sign. Or running away with the sign. Or eating the sign. All that really matters is that we can see your dog and read the sign.

Post the Photo on Social Media

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  • Use the Hashtags: #saveCoHidogpark and #11thandBark 

When you post on Twitter, Tag

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