We are losing the park. WMATA has accepted a bid from a developer that, so far as we know, is not planning to put a dog park of any size on the 11th and Park Rd property. The timeline is unclear, but we now need to find a new spot for our park. We need the support of our Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and our Council members. We must let them know how important having a dog park is to us.

Here are 2 things you can do right now to make a difference:

  1. sign tHE petition:

(This is a new petition - You should sign this petition even if you signed the 2018 petition)

I am a District of Columbia resident and, now that WMATA appears to be selling the dog park at 1100 Park Road to a developer, I am asking my District representatives to create a dog park in our neighborhood on District-owned land.

Columbia Heights Dog Park Finn Petition

For the last decade, the dog park has been an important part of the Columbia Heights neighborhood. The park has offered not just an off-leash space for the dogs to run and play, but a place for neighbors to meet, become friends, and forge a sense of community.

I urge our representatives to find a District-owned space in the neighborhood for an off-leash park, with mixed-use amenities for non-dog owners as well. I support considering all the parcels in the area that would meet this goal, including, for example, the Triangle Park and Raymond Recreation Center, which have already been suggested by multiple elected officials as alternative spots.

2. Email Your ANC1A Commissioners


Tell your ANC-1A representative how important the dog park has been to you and the community, and how important it is that we find another space in the area. 

Cut and paste these ANC1A Commissioner addresses into your email: 1A01@anc.dc.gov; 1A02@anc.dc.gov; 1A03@anc.dc.gov; 1A04@anc.dc.gov; 1A05@anc.dc.gov; 1A06@anc.dc.gov; 1A07@anc.dc.gov; 1A08@anc.dc.gov; 1A09@anc.dc.gov; 1A10@anc.dc.gov; 1A11@anc.dc.gov; 1A12@anc.dc.gov

Not sure what to say? Sample message: “The 11th and Park dog park has been an important part of our community for the last decade. Now that WMATA is selling the park to a developer we need to find another place where we can meet up with our neighbors and our dogs can run off-leash. Please make it a priority to find a new District-owned space in neighborhood for our dog park.” 

Banner photo by: Karen Baijens