Right now we are in a holding period. Currently, the District is negotiating with WMATA to purchase the land. Council Member Nadeau has been very supportive of the purchase and Mayor Bowser has said her administration is moving forward to complete the land deal. In the meantime, you can join our email list for update and events. You can also sign our petition to show your continued support.

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(This is a new petition - You should sign this petition even if you signed the 2018 petition)

I am a District of Columbia resident and, now that WMATA appears to be selling the dog park at 1100 Park Road to a developer, I am asking my District representatives to create a dog park in our neighborhood on District-owned land.

Columbia Heights Dog Park Finn Petition

For the last decade, the dog park has been an important part of the Columbia Heights neighborhood. The park has offered not just an off-leash space for the dogs to run and play, but a place for neighbors to meet, become friends, and forge a sense of community.

I urge our representatives to find a District-owned space in the neighborhood for an off-leash park, with mixed-use amenities for non-dog owners as well. I support considering all the parcels in the area that would meet this goal, including, for example, the Triangle Park and Raymond Recreation Center, which have already been suggested by multiple elected officials as alternative spots.

Banner photo by: Karen Baijens